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"The sorts of tales I very much like...

Extraordinarily powerful."

~ T.E.D. Klein,

author of The Ceremonies and

Dark Gods

The Mother of Centuries Draft Front Cover (2).png

"Excellent work." Jon Padgett, Vastarien, A Literary Journal

"Written with poetic brilliance. A truely masterful story." Nella Warrent author of Sin Full and Time Thief.

"Masterfully written with perfect blend ofhistorical setting, folklore, suspense and horror. I COUDN'T PUT IT DOWN." D.L. Anderson, author of

Across Unstill Waters.

"John McFarland's stories put me in mind of Thomas Ligotti and Robert Aikman, (fine company for sure) whose work reveals bits and pieces of the world-weary psyche behind them." Evan Romero, reviewer.


"The pestilence has made death as common as birdsong."   The Mother of Centuries.

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